Sawani Shende


Sawani’s music is a beautiful soul searching journey where she mesmerizes audiences with pure yet aesthetical rendering of the Raga. Sawani’s confidence and mastery in Khayals, her crystal clear diction and overall sensitivity in presentation takes every performance to a very high aesthetic level.

She unfolds the Raga in a highly intellectual manner with spontaneous combinations which give the listeners a different happiness each time they hear her sing.

Her rendition of semi-classical genres highlights the emotive and expressive quality of Indian classical music and adds a very important dimension to her performance leaving audiences spellbound. That’s the reason why Sawani’s mehfils are highly acclaimed by both the experts and the general audiences of music.

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Music My View

“I truly believe that music is the nearest path to reach God! Speaking particularly about, Hindustani Classical Music, it has the power to soothe your souls and take you to a long journey of peace.

‘Gharana Gayki’ is very essential to maintain discipline in your style of singing; but music in itself is so vast that if an artist binds himself in the boundaries of the Gharana, he cannot experience the infinite world of music which still lies unexplored. I like to present the classical Ragas in their purest form but yet add my own aesthetic touch to them, still binding by the traditional rules and regulations.

India has so much to offer to the world in terms of rich culture and music and I am proud to pursue the rich musical heritage of this country as my passion. I firmly believe that music has no language or cultural barriers. A musically rich note soaked in high emotive potential directly reaches the heart of a listener giving him sheer joy and takes him to a different world altogether.

Truly, my aim in life is to share the joy and happiness that I experience in music with everybody all over the world through my singing.” Music is a never ending journey for me and I would like to travel on this path for many more lives ahead! I pray always for the blessings of The All Mighty, my Gurus and music lovers to be with me till eternity….


Sawani has composed numerous ´Bandishs´in different Ragas and Taals.In each of her compositions one can read her mind clearly and each Bandish offers something new to the original pathway of the Raga.

She has also composed many semi classical genres like Thumris, Dadras Hori, Kajri, Sawani, etc.

Sawani always offers her success to the All Mighty God and her Gurus.She has therefore also given music to many devotional verses both in Hindi and Marathi.

Honour for her creation

“Hriday Swar” a book of Bandishs composed by Sawani and her Guru & Grandmother Smt.Kusum Shende along with a set of 2 CDs. The book and CD’s were inaugurated at the hands of Sangeet Martand Padmavibhushan Pandit Jasrajji and the then Hon.Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh on 10th Aug’08 in Pune.

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Sawani is of course known as a leading classical music vocalist worldwide.But besides her full fledge Hindustani classical concerts, she also offers the following programs for music lovers which have been appreciated by audiences a lot.

´Deha Bharila Vitthal´ a complete program of Marathi devotional compositions with most of the compositions by Sawani herself.

A full program of Hindi Bhajans which includes verses of Sant Meerabai and Sant Kabir,etc.

A complete semi classical concert which includes Thumris, dadras. Hori, Kajri, some Marathi or Urdu Ghazals etc.