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Classically Classical

Pure classical concerts revealing the majestic and divine tradition of Indian Classical Music in its pure form. Sawani believes that Indian classical music should be presented in its pure form which is so much loved not only in India but worldwide due to its purity. Sawani firmly believes that new musical experiments should always be a part of the musical journey of an artist but it should progress with totally new compositions instead of rearranging the traditional beautiful compositions in classical music.

Semi Classical

India has a rich heritage of Folk music, regional musical specialities, Thumris, Dadras, Gazalas, Sawani, Hori, Chaiti, etc. Sawani loves to render some of these in each of her concerts which gives a different dimension and colour of music to each of her performance.


So rich is the Indian culture in terms of saints and their preachings that Sawani is deeply connected to the Almighty from her heart when she renders Bhajans or Abhangs.

She performs a completely unique concert of only Marathi Bhajans or Hindi Bhajans revealing the great devotional work of great saints of India.

Ritu Sangeet

Ritu means Season. There are different Ritus in India and there are many musical compositions which enhance the beauty of the environment of that particular season. For example, Sawani performs a full Malhaar theme concert where she unfolds the beauty of the rain through her singing.


Other than classical music, Sawani has done some remarkable work in the light music field too for which she has been rightly awarded too. She has composed some truly melodious compositions herself which are available on her you tube channel.

Ganaraaj Tujala Vandito - Sawani Shende

Devi Raag Mala – Sawani Shende

Savare Rang Main - Asehi Ekada Vhave