Gurukul training

The Gurukul training is a traditional Indian method of imparting training; especially in music where a student goes to the Guru's(teacher's) home to learn music.

Sawani loves to teach music by this method as she believes that passing on knowledge to others is the best way to preserve this art and take this rich Indian tradition ahead.

Sawani teaches selected disciples at her home who are truly interested in persuing Indian Classical music. She prefers to teach those who are already well versed and trained in Indian Classical music and who want to explore further in this field.

Lec -Dems/Workshops

Proper appreciation of classical music is necessary if it has to progress in the right way.

Especially when all types of music, good and bad is available on the internet nowadays, the audience needs to know what is good music, what is authentic, how to appreciate classical music, its meditative value, etc. Sawani conducts Lec- Dems and workshops for students of music as well as for general audience where she caters to all the above points and even more.